Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Bites at Bar Bricco

The brainchild of Daniel Costa of Corso 32 fame, it seems that anything he dreams up will be moolicious! Touted as a casual place to grab a drink and quick bite to eat after work, Bar Bricco is most definitely a few steps above the local pub or bar. Located in a small space beside Corso 32, it’s only open evenings and is always packed. Although snagging a table can be a challenge and requires quite a lot of patience, there is also seating at the bar, as well as at a standing bar along the window facing out to the street.

Truffle Cheese
The menu consists of a lot of plates, all designed for sharing, anything from cheese, meat, pasta and desserts. My favourite dish from the menu so far was the ravioli, one very large ravioli, about half the size of Moo, filled with a single, creamy egg yolk and ricotta cheese. When you cut into it, the golden yellow egg yolk oozes out, like lava running down a volcano, the perfect sauce for the pasta. Smooth and silky, you’ll be tempted to eat more than just one.

Egg yolk ravioli
The truffle cheese does not disappoint, with large veins of truffle goodness, it tastes earthy and decadent. Although I’m not a fan of anchovy normally, the anchovy crostini with walnut smelled heavily of anchovy but was not overly salty or fishy like I thought it would be and instead tasted heavily of herbs and walnut mostly, piled very high on the crostini.

Meat tasting plate
Unless you’re there with a good sized group, I would skip the meat tasting plate as it was far too much food for a little bovine and two humans, and requires Olympian feats of eating to devour. The prosciutto was aged 16 years and melted in my mouth, the salami had a mild kick to it, the house made porchetta was very thin, light and a bit spicy while the smoked pancetta was a bit too smoky and dry for my liking.

Too full!
Bar Bricco is the place to go if you are looking for quality Italian food or don’t have a reservation for Corso 32, as you can easily order enough to leave quite full. The food is as good, and there are no reservations required, just some patience to find a seat.

Bar Bricco
10347 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1Y5
Twitter: @BarBricco

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