Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Bothy - More than just whisky

We had purchased a Groupon to The Bothy a while back, as I had always been curious as to what it was like. Although I knew several people who had worked there in the past as servers, I had never heard very much about the food, only that they had an extensive whisky menu, which was a good thing now that I was interested in exploring the world of whisky.
Sous Vide Feeb Cheek
We went to The Bothy on a Wednesday evening and it was fairly sparse, with only a handful of people inside the downtown location. Their menu was fairly concise, with the bulk of one side of the menu being taken up by cheese and charcuterie options, along with appetizers and salads. The other side had a small smattering of sandwiches, entrees and desserts to choose from. We opted to go with a cheese and charcuterie plate consisting of lamb sausage, smoked duck and pecorino. The lamb sausage was surprisingly good with a mild lamb taste but had plenty of moisture for a sausage. The smoke on the duck was immediately detectable, while the spicy whole grain mustard and sweet sultana jam did not overwhelm either protein. The jam itself was so good that we didn’t want to waste it and used the crostini to get every last gooey bit.

Walleye Fillet
Although initially leery of ordering seafood, the male human opted for their walleye fillet and was not disappointed. The fish was perfectly cooked, flaky, moist, and perfectly seasoned, required no knife to devour. Meanwhile, the female human decided to revel in eating feeb in front of Moo! She enjoyed eating her sous vide feeb cheek, which she said was incredibly tender and melted in her mouth. She liked that there was only a little sweetness from the berries, so that it didn’t overwhelm the meat, and the rustic mashed potatoes complimented the dish well.

Caramelized Apple and Pear
Bread Pudding
Although there was a bit of a hiccup in service as our dessert ticket was missed, so it took longer than normal to receive our dessert, the server was very attentive, ensuring to check in on us regularly and let us know the status of our dessert.

Not surprisingly, the caramelized apple and pear bread pudding was the usual North American cake version, as opposed to the British bread and butter pudding I so desperately sought. It was still delicious, albeit massive, tasting almost like an apple crumble. Meanwhile my vanilla bean crème brûlée was chock full of vanilla bean seeds, giving the custard a delectable vanilla taste. My only qualm with dessert was the top of the crème brûlée was chewy instead of crisp.
Creme Brulee

Overall, the meal at The Bothy was enjoyable and we have already been back since this visit, pleasantly surprised that a Groupon meal was good, as it usually is not. The menu prices do range quite widely, as do the menu items available. Also, if you’re a Scotch whisky enthusiast, they have enough variety available that you’ll need to visit often to try your way through their extensive scotch menu. I can’t speak for the Southside location, but if you’re looking for a place for a bite and a drink while you’re downtown without having to make a reservation, then go visit The Bothy.

The Bothy
10124 124 Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 1P6
Twitter: @BothyWineWhisky

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