Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tim Ho Wan - Michelin Star Quality at Rock Bottom Prices

Cha Siu Bao/BBQ Pork Buns
Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest and quickest Michelin Star meal you can ever experience in your lifetime. Although they have the most limited menu of any dim sum restaurant I have seen anywhere in the world, they do cook those dishes very well.

Rice Noodle Rolls with Shrimp
With several locations in Hong Kong, including their newest location at the IFC Mall, which is actually located not in the mall itself, but in the Podium level just below the mall in Hong Kong MTR Station (MTR being their "Mass Transit Railway" system). Just take the escalators located by the Oval Atrium at IFC Mall that point towards the MTR, swing a right instead of going outside and head down another set of escalators, then swing a left down the hallway when you get to the bottom and you’ll see it there - a bit confusing I know.

Giant Sticky Rice
This isn’t a leisurely dining type of Michelin Star experience. We went to two of their locations and both were the same, sit down, order, eat, and leave. A word to the wise, don’t expect North American style service - because you’re not going to get it here, and you’ll enjoy yourself just fine. Also, bring your own package of tissues, as with most Chinese restaurants here, they don’t supply napkins, although you can purchase a package of tissue when you pay for your meal when you leave, but you’ll be paying more than you would otherwise elsewhere.

Sticky Rice
When you get seated, likely at a table with strangers – again, another typical Hong Kong restaurant custom you’ll just have to get used to/get over – you get a checklist where you simply write down how many of each item you want. Thankfully they do have an English menu and their place mats have pictures if you’re not sure what the items are. Once you’re done picking, flag down a server to hand them your order and the dishes will come out as they’re ready. Don’t order too much, as most of the dishes come out all at once, and there’s a surprising amount of food for the price.

Har Gow/Shrimp Dumplings
The sticky rice was larger than we were used to it being in Canada, as they prefer the old style of sticky rice where it’s large and stuffed with no shortage of chicken and sausage. The har gow/shrimp dumplings were plump, with the perfect thickness of rice wrapper encasing more abundant filling than I was used to. Their rice noodle rolls with shrimp were beautifully smooth, while the turnip cakes actually tasted like daikon instead of like flour, which I often find is the case in Canada. Lastly their signature Cha Siu Bao/BBQ Pork Buns differ from the ordinary, as instead of a plain soft white steamed bun, it resembles what they call a Rocky/Pineapple Bun in Hong Kong, with a sweet dough with a crispy exterior.

Turnip Cake
Although it’s cheap for a Michelin Star rated meal, it’s pricier than most dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. Ringing in at $116 HKD ($15-16 CAD) for 5 dishes, which was more than the humans and I could actually eat. Tim Ho Wan delivers the goods and is well worth at least a visit if you’re in Hong Kong.

Tim Ho Wan
Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station
Podium Level 1, IFC Mall
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong


  1. Yum! This all looks amazing! Kinda wish I was in Hong Kong right now... :)

  2. You are in Hong Kong? Lucky you! Obviously you're enjoying it :)


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