Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Devouring Deliciousness at Woodwork

Rye with Pork Butter
We had wanted to try Woodwork since they announced they were opening, however decided to save the visit for @andrealauder’s birthday celebration. The restaurant was packed that evening when @andrealauder, @thepolishviking, the humans and mooself arrived for dinner. Woodwork although new on the scene has made a huge impression on the local food scene. Although their menu is fairly fluid, you know that means not only will their food be fresh, but also that the chefs are constantly thinking of new and delicious ways to appease their diners.

Steak Tartare
Upon perusing the menu, we were tempted to order one of everything but managed to restrain ourselves, only due to the limitations of available space on the table. We started with the rye bread with pork butter – because what meat eater could resist anything on a menu with the words “Pork butter”????  The bread was light and slightly sweet, yet still savoury, and topped with the slightly salty pork buttery, it was the perfect mélange of tastes. The humans dug into the steak tartare next and everyone seemed to be having a private moment with what they described was a slightly sweet yet not overly seasoned feeb. Their only complaint was the crispy chips the dish was served with were slightly too fragile to be the perfect delivery vehicle for the steak tartare.

Mac and Cheese
Their special that week was a holey potato with crème fraiche, which had a nice hit of spice, balanced out by the refreshing crème fraiche and smoky tasting leeks. Being that three people in our party were from Saskatchewan, they had to try out the Saskatchewan Yellow Grits which turned out to be very creamy, hearty served with a robust tasting red eye gravy that gave the dish an additional oomph. Their Chowder St. Jacques had a buttery melt in your mouth scallop, surrounded by smooth bisque to die for! The only disappointment was their Mac n Cheese was not nearly as cheesy and crunchy as it had been when they had served it out of their food truck, Nomad, and the tomato overpowered any cheese flavour that existed.

Holey Potato
For the entrée we shared their shoulder of Pork confit with French lentils and gribiche sauce. The pork tasted amazing and unadulterated, allowing the natural taste of the pork to shine through. We finished with Tiger Tiger made of absinthe anglais, aperol orange marmalade and shaved biscotti which was my least favourite dessert, mostly because I really don’t like the taste of liquorice and the flavour or liquorice in this Tiger Tiger ice cream was overwhelming. The peanut butter chocolate thang with raspberry mousse tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, with the raspberry mousse helping to cut through the abundance of peanut butter and chocolate. My favourite dessert of the night was their pear and goat cheese galette with fresh whipped cream. The pastry was perfectly crispy and light, making this dessert with rich goat cheese feel lighter than it looked.
Pear and Goat Cheese Galette

Overall we wish enjoyed every morsel that we devoured and only wished that we had room to try everything on their menu. Definitely go visit Woodwork, you will fall in love with all that Woodwork has to offer and feel the need to visit often to see what else they come up with! For another review, checking out @thepolishviking’s review on Dine & Write.

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10132 100 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 0P5
Twitter: @WoodworkYEG

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  1. Dang that food was so good, I can taste the steak tartare right now. Thanks again for such a fun birthday night. Let's try and go again sometime soon!

  2. Ummm, rye bread with pork butter?? That sounds beyond amazing. Thanks for posting this! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing


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