Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stinky Socks are Tasty at The Patty Wagon

Stinky Sock Burger
Sorry for the tardiness of this post, having been away a good portion of the fall, I fell behind on my food truck posts!

The Patty Wagon was new to Edmonton streets this summer, offering downtown diners a myriad of burger options. Diners could choose from three patty options – feeb, lamb or veggie – as well as half a dozen of pre-determined burger options plus additional toppings for a wee bit of extra money.

Although the day was grey and drizzly, the female human braved the chill to get a Stinky Sock burger, consisting of a feeb patty, blue cheese, lettuce and roasted peppers, along with the addition of bacon, and a classic poutine. The burger was massive, no skimping on toppings here, however they did forget the bacon. The feeb patty was moist and juicy, while the poutine consisted of crispy fries enrobed in gravy, while the cheese curds were soft and became a gooey mass atop the fries.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and the female human thought the burger was well done, minus the fact that she paid for but failed to receive bacon. If you work in the downtown core and are craving a burger during the spring through the fall, The Patty Wagon is a solid choice.

The Patty Wagon
Location: 107 Street and Jasper Ave (Beside Seventh Street Plaza)
Time: Weekdays 11:30am – 1:30pm (Spring through Fall)
Edmonton, AB
Twitter: @PattyWagonED

Patty Wagon on Urbanspoon

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