Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indulging in Model Milk's Sunday Suppers

So much food!
We had heard many great things about Model Milk from our Edmonton friends who had been when they visited Calgary, yet had been unable to fit a visit in ourselves until now. Finding a restaurant that was open on a Sunday night we found could often pose a challenge, as many are closed on Sundays, so since Model Milk was actually open on a Sunday, we opted to make it our Sunday night meal. On Sunday nights at Model Milk, they take the concept of a family dinner and make it their own. So if you plan to go to Model Milk on a Sunday, remember that you won’t be able to order from the menu as they only offer the family style dinner on Sunday nights.

Cesar Salad
We weren’t exactly sure what to expect a family style dinner to look like, however we were completely unprepared and surprised by the amount of food that hit the table that evening. So if you do go to Model Milk’s Sunday night family style dinners, remember to either go hungry or be prepared to bring home leftovers.
Leg of Lamb and Pan Seared Lois Lake Steelhead

They started with a Cesar salad with lardons, capicola and smoked green tomatoes on crostini with house cured ham and arancini for the appetizers. The capicola was served on very crispy crostinis, while the smell of smoke was very prominently emanating from the lightly season tomatoes. With the fattiness of the ham, this appetizer hit all the right textural and flavor notes for us – salty, crispy, smoky, and fatty. The arancini had a crispy exterior, giving way to creamy risotto within, accompanied by a tomato sauce lightly seasoned with herbs. Although it was properly prepared, I didn’t think it wasn’t as good as the arancini at Lux Steakhouse or Corso 32 in Edmonton.

Wagyu Fat Fried Crushed Potatoes and
Sweet Potato Salad
For our entrees there was a leg of lamb with salsa verde, which was tender and succulent. As well we were served a pan seared Lois Lake Steelhead, which was so soft it melted in my mouth with just a hint of fattiness, and was my favorite dish of the evening. For the sides there were Wagyu fat fried crushed potatoes, which were cooked perfectly soft, as well as a warm sweet potato salad with edamame beans, grilled asparagus, which was mildly crispy with Matsutake mushrooms, and sautéed cabbage and etuvee of beets and some slightly sweet corn.

To finish, they had a rhubarb streusel cake with house made cinnamon ice cream. The rhubarb cake was extremely moist with a delectably crunchy top and a mildly tart rhubarb taste. The cinnamon ice cream was reminiscent of a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks, a combination of cinnamon and brown sugar, mixed with the creaminess of dairy.

Rhubarb Streusel Cake
Considering the entire meal only cost $35 per person and there was plenty of food leftover, Sunday night meals at Model Milk are not only mootastic tasting, but also a mooawesome value for one’s money. Definitely give Model Milk’s Sunday night dinners a whirl if you get a chance, and make sure to go hungry or be prepared to bring home enough leftovers for another delicious meal for two!

Model Milk
308 17th Avenue
Calgary, AB  T2G 1P3
Twitter: @ModelMilkBistro

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