Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stuffed at Shanghai 456

Pork and Feeb Buns with Soup
We attended a tweet up recently with @FoodKarmaBlog, @BuntCake, @baconhound, @joyfulfollies, and @ZoomJer at Shanghai 456. The restaurant itself is a bit difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Located at the Edmonton City Center Airport complex in building 18, it's located in the Edmonton Flying Club building. Upon entering, you will see a simple, hand drawn sign pointing the way to Shanghai 456, leading to an old cafeteria, decorated with model planes of various sizes hanging from the ceiling. Sounds can be heard from the hanger located just adjacent, with floor hockey players periodically coming out to purchase beverages.

Pork Belly
Next time I dine with @FoodKarmaBlog, I'll remember that dinner is a serious event that requires previous training or stretchy pants. Although there were only 10 of us, I'm pretty sure there was enough food there to serve at least 20! Apparently the server had to talk her down from ordering as much as she originally wanted to order! You can read about @FoodKarmaBlog previous adventures at Shanghai 456 here.

There were a few highlights and a few things that weren't up my alley, but overall the food was very well done! I enjoyed the sweet and sour soup, which was very spicy and hot, but not to a level that made it impossible to eat a whole bowl. Also the pork with soup dumpling which had a crispy exterior and a soft interior filled with a flavourfully seasoned pork and soup. Though one had to be careful while eating as not to lose or wind up wearing the soup within as you ate. The sweet tasting, melt in your mouth pork belly was a big hit with everyone, disappearing as fast as it appeared. The green onion cakes were also well done with an extremely crispy exterior, giving way to a very soft and flavourful interior.

@FoodKarmaBlog orders for an army!
Some of the dishes that weren't quite up my alley including the crispy duck and buns. I guess the way to eat them involved shoving them into the bun, but the bun was too solid and dense that there was no way to get the duck into them that I could see. The duck itself was a bit overcooked, resulting in a hard and solid texture which was difficult to enjoy. I found the filling of the turnip and ham puff pastry just a tad too salty for my liking. Lastly the drunken chicken, a cold dish, tasted less of chicken and more of salt and wine.

Overall, there are plenty of very tasty items that I would definitely return for and a few items that I wouldn't bother with on a return visit. But there's plenty of variety that undoubtedly you'll find something for everybody. Just remember that if you ever go on a foodie adventure with @FoodKarmaBlog to bring your stretchy pants and some tupperware.

More photos at PhotoBucket

Shanghai 456
Building 18, 49 Airport Road
Edmonton, AB  T5G 0W6

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  1. Yes it's true... my eyes are perpetually bigger than my stomach! It was a fun evening, we'll need to do it again. I love me some XLB and wor tip - both soupy and yummy.

  2. Oh this place! I've heard so much about it.... Need to go there some day soon :)


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